Пройдите тестирование:

1. Here is your J5 back. Thanks, but I don`t remember _________ it to you.
2. She likes living in a warm climate, _________?
3. That house is in a terrible state. You can see it ________ for years.
4. Can she speak a foreign language? _____________
5. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, I___________________________.
6. I suppose tomorrow`s bus strike means ___________ the start of class.
7. Put the words in the correct order. a) that b) what c) mean d) does e) word
8. ___________ thinking about your brother?
9. Have you ____________ been to America?
10. Does he smoke? Yes, he _________ twenty cigarettes a day.
11. Can I help you? Yes, I would like __________.
12. Please don`t talk to me now. I ________ to finish my test.
13. Where is your book? I _________ it last week.
14. Did you know everybody at the party? No, nobody _______ the host.
15. I`m terribly tired. Well, I suggest ___________ to bed.