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Work and Travel USA

About program

Unforgettable summer on the other side of the globe, new friends around the world, another chance to earn good money and improve your English skills. Welcome to Work and Travel USA world. This is, without doubt, the most popular international student exchange program. Annually thousands of students from Ukraine take part in it.

This popularity is definitely deserved due to the fact that program offers all: work, leisure time, travels and language immersion. Each of the participants receives a unique experience that promotes personal and professional growth.

Work and travel USA is a program for those, who are not afraid to overcome obstacles on the path to independence, autonomy and freedom. It is a great way for decisive young people to learn to set goals and achieve them, to know themselves and make a breakthrough in the world of successful people.

программf Work and Travel USA
Work and Travel USA
программf Work and Travel


Participation in the program provides a great opportunity:

  • to realize your potential, show independence, resolution and creativity in absolutely new country;
  • to gain valuable work experience in foreign company, which will provide you a huge advantage among competitors when choosing a work place and position in the future;
  • to feel true freedom of American life;
  • to meet new friends from all over the world;
  • to earn money;
  • to improve your English thanks to daily practice;
  • to get a bunch of rich impressions and positive emotions.

Program terms for 2018

For Ukrainian students the program is valid from May 9 to September 9. The student has the right to determine the term of his presence in the United States individually and return before time to Ukraine. J1 type visa offers the possibility to enter and leave the territory of the United States unlimited number of times during the program period.

*For students from Polish universities the program is valid from May 25 to September 25.
*For students from Czech universities the program is valid from May 1 to September 30.
* If you are a student of non-Ukrainian university, but would like to take part – we will help you with it, the territorial location does not matter.

Requirements for participation

  • be a full-time student of higher educational establishment, 1-5 courses inclusively;
  • be between 18 and 23 years old (If you are 17 years old, but at the time of entering to the US you will be 18 years old, you also can participate in the program);
  • English level is not lower than Intermediate.
Work and Travel
Work and Travel

Registration stages in the program:

  1. 1 STEP — come or call us and learn about Work and Travel USA, everything that can be learned;
  2. 2 STEP — bring the following documents:
    • copy of Ukrainian citizen passport (1, 2 pages and address registration) – 1pc.;
    • copy of the travel passport with all visas and marks in it (2 pcs.) — if you do not have a passport yet when applying for the program, this is not a problem, you can start the registration process without it;
    • copy of identification code (1pc.);
    • copy of your student ID (1pc.);
    • copies of parent’s Ukrainian passports (1, 2 pages and address registration) — 1pc.;
    • official document from university that you are a student;
    • photos 3 × 4 (4 pcs.);
    • photos 5 × 5 (2 pcs.) – in electronic form;
  3. 3 STEP — get a contract for familiarization and signing;
  4. 4 STEP — with our help prepare CV (we will be happy to provide you samples and notes) and get ready for skype interview with employer;
  5. 5 STEP — choose a job and sign a Job Offer (employment contract). You can choose position in three ways:
    • 1 way — using our database of vacancies;
    • 2 way — with the help of Job Fair;
    • 3 way — using your own resources (the Internet, friends, acquaintances).
  6. 6 STEPS — after signing Job Offer, you pay $ 1350 (full cost of the program, including job selection, job offer, issue of DS-2019 form, document’s processing and shipping, medical insurance issued in the US and registration in the SEVIS system). PROGRAM PRICE DEPENDS ON VACANCY!!! Or you pay $ 1100, if you find job by yourself;
  7. 7 STEP — fill out application forms for the sponsor;
  8. 8 STEP — we send your documents to the United States for receiving the DS-2019 (DS-2019 form issue takes from 3 weeks to 1 month);
  9. 9 STEP — prepare for an interview at the US Embassy: fill out the necessary documents, improve your level of English and come to our orientation seminar;
  10. 10 STEP — book flight tickets with our help;
  11. 11 STEP — pass the interview and get visa, previously paid $ 160 – a consular fee;
  12. 12 STEP — buy flight tickets in both directions: approximately 750 – 850$;
  13. 13 STEP — come to the orientation seminar (presence is mandatory), where you will get our parting words before the trip;
  14. 14 STEP — pack a suitcase, take money for the start (no less than $ 500 – according to US law);
  15. 15 STEP — get on the plane and “See you Ukraine and Hello Americaaaaaa!”

Do you have questions?
Do not hesitate to ask or contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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