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What people say about us



Work and travel or "American Dream for a student"

I will tell you about my experience in this program.

It all starts from meeting the Goodzon team. Dasha, Lyuda and Yulia are nice girls who in a friendly atmosphere have presented me the program, making it plain and simple and convinced that program is just what I need.

The fuss starts after signing the contract: choice of profession, contracts, tickets, documents and all this long process with papers, in which an ordinary student gets lost in two steps, but the girls take everything on their delicate shoulders and I just prepare for the flight)

I also want to say a big thanks to Yulia - who have taught me English, so that I could talk in America, and not just nod)

Already second year I have worked with the Goodzon company and all that I can say is THANKS A LOT!



I want to leave a feedback and recommend the Goodzon company to everyone.

This year will be the second year as I participate in the program "Summer work and travel USA" and I have only positive emotions. My summer was cool and this year, I am 100% sure, will be much even.

I want to say a big thank to Lyuda, Yulia and Dasha, for their help and advices. I can say with confidence that no one will worry for you, your documents and visas, as the girls from the company.

They do everything possible to help and prepare for visa, and as everyone knows, obtaining is the most important thing and we all dream about it. Neither I nor my friends had any problems with the documents, and no one deceived anyone.

So, everyone who dream to spend summer abroad, have wonderful time, make money and find friends all over the world, feel free to contact Goodzon)



Looking back, after few years I can state with confidence that the slogan "Unforgettable summer in America" is a real thing!

After all, it is impossible to forget the spirit of the United States, new people, inexpressible emotions, cities and invaluable experience.

Being still very young and having no experience in such programs, girls from the company impressed with their easiness and competence both in Ukraine and at a distance of several thousand kilometers, always helping and supporting.

I just want to thank Goodzon once again for the wonderful and productive summer holidays.



Hello, everyone) Goodzon company is just super!)

I went to America on Work and Travel program, and it was an unforgettable summer!

I like the attitude of the company to the students. Managers do everything possible to ensure that participants get better conditions, see the potentials of each and try to find a job that everyone deserves. They are worried about everyone and help.

I want to say many thanks to Luda and Dasha for the work done, for help with the preparation of all documents. They gave me the best summer in my life 🙂



Art director
"TESOL and how I overcame it.

I know that there will be many issues to discuss, so I will tell step by step:

  1. Payment - no problem, 2 hours after I had an access to the educational materials.
  2. The course consists of two parts, so the materials are also divided by areas: foundation and specialization. Similarly, the exams for each course go separately. Note that many practical measures are described in both courses.
  3. Two weeks of the intensified preparation and submission of the final tests. All tests are based on the material presented in the courses. I passed from the first time:)

    After that - negotiations with employers and packing suitcases.

    Thank you, the fabulous team #goodzon, for the support and help! "

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