Education in Europe

Education in Germany

Get a free higher education in one of the universities in Germany!

If you are an applicant, a student or a graduate, and dream of European education in one of the most highly developed countries in the world – this program is for you!


We are glad to offer you a preparatory course in Germany (2-9 months depending on the level of the German language), which will give you the opportunity to learn German from any level and GUARANTEED join the German state university for free education!

You will have the opportunity not only successfully pass the exam in German, but also to choose a university for entry and prepare all necessary documents during the preparatory course.

The program of academic language training was developed specifically for foreign students who intend to join bachelor and master’s programs in Germany. The program provides all the services and facilities that are necessary for successful preparation for entering the university: visa support, conditional enrolment from a partner university, language training.

Our long-time experience shows that the majority of students have difficulty understanding the complex system of admission to German university. Sometimes ignorance of even the most insignificant, at first glance, nuances can lead to serious mistakes. In order that every foreign student feels as comfortable as possible before the start of study, the Eurasia Institute fully oversees the preparation process with a guarantee of success.

Our services include German and English preparatory language courses for entry into the university.

The Eurasia Institute helps to learn language in such way that each entrant feels confident starting a new life stage as a student of the German university. To provide an opportunity for everyone interested to receive or continue their education in Germany, we offer training and enrollment in bachelors, masters and doctoral programs.

There is an opportunity to get bachelor’s degree (6-7 semesters), continue studying at the master’s degree (3-4 semesters) in your specialty (after the Ukrainian Bachelor’s degree) and get a second higher education!

While studying at the university you will also have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week.

At the end of the course, you can take an opportunity to extend visa for 1.5 years to find work in Germany with your European diploma.

Education in Europe

Program cost:

  • Preparatory course (beginner or zero level of German) for 9 months – 7500 €;
  • Preparatory course (level of the German is C1) for 2 months – 1250 €;
  • Registration fee – 500 €;
  • Flight tickets – from 70 €;
  • Visa fees – up to 150 €;
  • Insurance is included;
  • Visa renewal is included.

Accommodation cost

WeeksSingle room in homestay / self-cateringSingle room in homestay / bed & breakfastSingle room in homestay / half boardSingle room in homestay / full boardSingle room in shared apartmentPrivate apartmentSingle room in student residence
1347€462€578€693€404€578€not available
2396€528€660€792€462€660€not available
3495€660€825€990€758€825€not available
4660€880€1 100€1 320€770€1 100€not available
121 800€2 400€3 000€3 600€2 100€3 000€2 400€
162 400€3 200€4 000€4 800€2 800€4 000€3 200€
203 000€4 000€5 000€6 000€3 500€5 000€4 000€
243 600€4 800€6 000€7 200€4 200€6 000€4 800€
283 925€5 234€6 542€7 850€4 579€6 542€5 234€
324 486€5 981€7 477€8 972€5 234€7 477€5 981€
365 047€6 729€8 411€10 093€5 888€8 411€6 729€
extra week140€187€234€280€164€234€187€
+ key-money deposit: 500€

Contribute to your career and future!
Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to ask or contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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