Work and study in Spain

Учеба и работа в Испании


(Education in English)

Do you dream to dip into the colorful life of picturesque Spain?

Are you an applicant, a student, a graduate or have an academic leave?

Or maybe you are out of luck and you were expelled from university?

Do you feel that soul wants changes?

We are happy to offer you an excellent opportunity to study and work in the country of passion and inspiration!

Choose an appropriate course for you:


Course Duration Education Work (full time) Work (part-time) + education online
Semester abroad 3-4 months 1 month 2-3 months
Certificate 7-8 months 2 months 3 months 3 months
Adv. Diploma 10-12 months 2 months 6 months 4 months
Pg Diploma 10-12 months 2 months 6 months 4 months
Master Degree 12 months 2 months 6 months 4 months
Master Degree 18 months 2 months 9 months 7 months


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Choose a course specialization:

General Management
International Marketing
Hospital Management
Global Business
International Finance
Management & HR
Management in Hospitality*
MBA + Marketing. Digital era
Master in Information Sciences in Business and Marketing

* Appropriate for students (graduates) of any specialty, education starts every two months

Pass the internal test in spoken English (required level: not lower than Intermediate). If you need to improve your level of English, with the help of our teachers, you will be able to develop English to required level;

Go through interview with GSM in English or Spanish;

Get a contract for familiarization and signing;

Pay program cost due to selected course, the registration fee is 300-450 €, for long-term programs (from 4 months) the cost of the first two months in Barcelona is about 300 €/month)*, registration of a contract for housing is 100-150 € , banking services + sending documents are 100 €  100 € and a refundable deposit for housing in Spain (100-150 €);

*During the internship (starting from the second month in Spain), accommodation will be free of charge*

Get an invitation, confirmation of enrollment in the school, a contract for housing and confirmation of payments from GSM for obtaining a visa (charge for issue visa D is up to 150 €, the period of obtaining is about a month);

Get insurance for the whole period of stay in Spain;

Buy flight tickets or a ticket for a bus (in both directions – 50- 200 €);

Come to the orientation seminar, where you will get our parting words before the trip;

Pack a suitcase, take money for the first time: 300-700 €;

Get on plane and «Hello, Spain!»


Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to ask or contact us, we will be happy to help you!/strong>

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